Ski Trip Update – 18.3.

The ski trip is inching its way to the finish. We have only three days left of skiing and one long day of travel to Berlin. From the perspective of the JFKS teacher team, the trip is so far another successful investment in building community among this class of 8th grade JFKS students.

I thought, however, it might be rather interesting to hear about the trip from the students’ perspectives. Thus, I asked students to share an interesting memory about life on the ski trip. Here are some of the stories they shared. They provide a picture of what is on the mind of our students.

Jason Lang
One of the JFKS Teachers and Ski Instructors


Student Stories
“Frau Schihan has amazing glasses. Each of the lenses is a different shape. Also, each side is a different color.” – (Alyssa R.)
“I was so tired when we went to the city on our ski-free day that I ran into a wall.” – (Aerin H.)
“I think it is cool how it is so organized and how every morning the “Bergwelt” greets us in the morning.” – (Magdalena B.)
“My room has learned to play Poker.” – (Lara S.)
“My ski teacher fell off the ski run.” – (Carl N.)
“I have been trying to convince one student of the reality of climate change.” – (Santiago R.)
“I don’t even how it happened. I just flipped over and I tried lifting my leg and my ski was not on it.” – (Maddie R.)
“In the 30 minutes Herr Hoedt and I were sitting in the kids waiting room at the doctor’s office, Herr Hoedt managed to break off the hand and head of the skeleton model. The top of the head fell and landed on the ground, which then knocked the brain out.” – (Shilpa L.)
“Teddy made me throw-up because of a water-drinking competition.” – (Beatrix H.)
“We were sliding through the forest with Mr. Weiss on the ‘shortcut’ during the hiking trip.” – (Chloe P.)
“Mr. Greeves likes to take our Pombär.” – (Julian K.)
“Our room almost burnt down due to a deodorant bomb.” – (Sam W.)
“I overhead someone say, ‘Be careful that the cows don’t spit on you.’” – (Vincent L.)
“Someone ate the daisy flower that I gave them.” – (Ryan R.)
“I went over a bump and then I went shoulder first into a hill.” – (Nicholas K.)
“Meine Gruppe wird Schneewitchen (Herr Nagel) und die sieben Zwerge gennant.“ – (Luzie B.)
“Due to an Austrian Dwarf onslaught on our bus on the way home from the ski hill near the railroad tracks, I almost died because I didn’t put my helmet on backwards. I forgot to be “safe and sexy”. – (Milo K.)
“Mr. Lang sounds like Count Dracula from Sesame Street when he is counting for push-ups.” –(Dustin P.)
“The weather Friday was icky and gross and disgusting and wet and uncomfortable.” – (Ada L.)
“We have been eating a lot of ramen.” Mr. Lang asked, ‘Why?’ “Because it is really good.” –(Livia H.)
“Fridie M. looks like Rudolf the Rednose Reindeer” – (Philina C.)
“I almost skied over a mouse today.” – (Ayodeji O.)
“I smell a lot of deodorant that my roommates spray because of the sewage aroma in the room.” – (Cade B., Ben W., Deacon M., Jacob C., Johannes G.)
“I was peacefully skiing down the slope, doing nothing wrong, when suddenly, I felt like an elephant ran into me. I tumbled through the air and landed very roughly on the icy snow. Then Herr Willner climbed a long way back up the hill to rescue me, and he seemed to almost have a heart attack when he arrived.” – (Kira G.)
“I like story-time in the evening.” – (Cade B.)
“Kristian keeps skiing past me and calling me a loser.” – (Micah H.)
Sarah’ Question: “Why are there plates under the bed? Answer: We just laughed. Our birthday surprise was ruined. – (Rhea T.)
“Another group visiting, locked us out of our room.” –(Annalena H.)
“Everyone needs their own space.” – (Priya K.)
“I was hiking and I tripped on a twig. Then I did a front roll down the hill and twisted my knee. Then I went to the doctors, Herr Mueller told me that it was just a bruise and gave me “magic healing cream.” – (Kira G.)
“I went to the doctor’s office because I had a cramp. They gave me a magnesium pill and it was pretty big. And they said “auflosen”. I just put the pill in my mouth and then drank water. Then I was sick.” – (Amir A.)
“Everybody needs to calm down.” – (Rileigh M.)
“Rona looks like she has a palm tree on her head.” – (Coco L.)
“There is a lot of drama.”– (Rona B.)
“Legend says that the J. L. Foundation supports the whole ski trip.” – (Noah D.)
“Ned [alias] feels rejected by me because I declined his love for me.” – (Jules P. [Alias]) … Another student commenting on the situation: “I think Ned is rejecting Jules.” – (Sam K.)
“Madame Pfaff screamed during the room inspection because our room had a rancid sink. It was demolished by six hyper and snotty boys.” – (Justus F.)
“On the first day, C. always released gas.” – (Frederik K.)
“Mr. Felt made fun of a British accent while announcing the winner for a lip-sync battle competition. – (Maya P.)
“I fell and then it was bad.” – (Oona D.)
“After the Room Cleaning Inspection took place, it took 30 seconds again for our room to be trashed again.” – (Nico H.)

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