In grade 7 and grade 8, we teach mathematics five periods per week in German or in English.

Grade 7
For students requiring additional assistance in 7th grade, we offer the opportunity to improve their math skills through two additional MathLab classes per week (MathLab is mandatory for students earning a 4- or lower in math).

Grade 8
In grade 8, each mathematics class has a team teacher who assists the regular teacher one class period per week. Students will take the German mathematics test Vera 8 and the English Stanford Test. Both tests results will be used to evaluate students‘ math skills and math competencies. These tests will not affect the students’ math grades.

Near the end of 8th grade, students will choose a math level (Honors or Regular) for their 9th and 10th grade math class. 

Honors and Regular Math
The differentiation between the two levels will be evident in the complexity and difficulty of the critical thinking problems that happen during class. The Honors and Regular tests will be different for certain problems.

  • Exams for students in the Honors level will include problems that require students to take the skills and concepts they have learned and extend and apply them to unfamiliar mathematical situations.
  • Students in the Regular level will need to demonstrate mastery of the basic skills necessary for future mathematical success.

For students planning to complete the Abitur, it is mandatory to choose the Honors level. For diploma students, it is strongly recommended to enroll in the Honors level in order to be prepared for AP courses in math, physics, etc. The Regular level serves as a safety net for diploma students who struggle in math to help ensure they can obtain the necessary credits in mathematics to graduate. 8th grade math teachers will give a recommendation for the appropriate level (Honors or Regular). This decision is based on this year’s math grades and the general performance of the student. Changes to the program in which a student is enrolled can only be made at the end of 8th grade.

In grade 9 and grade 10, we teach mathematics four periods per week in German or in English. For both grade levels, each mathematics class has a team teacher who assists the regular teacher one class period per week.

Grade 10
In grade 10, the written mathematics exam for the MSA (middle school certificate) takes place within the context of the MSA. Presentation tests with a focus on mathematics are possible.

Grades 11-12
For students in the Abitur program, we offer:

  • Honors Math – Leistungskurs (five periods a week) or
  • Basic course in Mathematics – Grundkurs (three periods a week)

Written and oral final examinations (centralized exams) are conducted annually in mathematics and presentation exams (5. PK) with a focus on mathematics are possible. In recent years, students have successfully graduated from our high school with the Hans-Riedel-Fachpreis für Mathematik.

For students in the Diploma program, we offer:

  • Algebra II
  • Precalculus
  • AP Calculus AB & BC
  • AP Statistics

Each year, increasing numbers students have earned college credit as a result their positive performance on AP tests.

Through all grade levels
Accelerated math courses are available in both languages for students with a special interest in mathematics. Here we promote their talents and prepare them for math competitions.

Each year we support the participation of students in all major mathematics competitions:



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