Height Determination of Buildings

Height Determination of Buildings

Each year we support the participation of students in all major mathematics competitions:

Accelerated Math courses are available in both languages for students with a special interest in mathematics. Here we promote their talents and prepare them for math competitions.

For grades 7 through 10, we teach mathematics four or five periods weekly in German or in English and for students requiring additional assistance in 7th grade, teachers can assign a two-hour per week Math Lab.

For grades 8 through 10, each mathematics class has a team teacher who assists the regular teacher one class period per week.

In grade 8, students will take the German mathematics test Vera 8 and/or the English Stanford Test depending on their language level.

In grade 10, the written mathematics exam for the MSA (intermediate certificate) takes place within the context of the MSA.

After grade 10, we offer the following for students in the Abitur program:

• Basic course in Mathematics ( three periods weekly) or
• Mathematics performance ( five periods weekly)

Written and oral final examinations (Berlin Central High School) are conducted annually in mathematics and presentation tests with a focus on mathematics are possible. In recent years, students have successfully graduated from our high school with the Hans-Riedel-Fachpreis für Mathematik.

After 10th grade we offer the following for students in the diploma program:

• Algebra II
• Precalculus
• AP Calculus
• AP Statistics

Each year, increasing numbers students have earned college credit
as a result their positive performance on AP tests.


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