Admissions: Grades 1-6 (ES)

Admissions Regulations

See JFKS Admissions Regulations. Please note that applicants must be registered in Berlin with their main residence (Hauptwohnsitz). For applicants who are moving to Berlin shortly before the start of school, proof of main residence in Berlin must be submitted before the first day of school.

The German language version of the JFKS Admissions Regulations is legally-binding. The English translation is only provided for your convenience.

Application and necessary documents

See Application Forms. Please refer to the information on page 1, as well as the list of documents (page 2) that must be submitted with the application.

Only complete applications with all necessary documents and signatures will be processed. Due to the high number of applications, it is not possible to remind you of missing or expired documents.

Only applications submitted digitally will be processed. Please send the scanned documents attached as (preferably one) PDF file.

It is not possible to roll-over your applications to the next year. A new application form and supporting documents must be submitted.

Application periods

See Application Periods. Once your complete application is received, you will receive a confirmation email within 4-6 weeks. Applications are processed in the order they are received within the application periods, however, the date of submission has no effect on your application.

The admission process will only begin in May/June. Until summer break, selected applicants will be admitted for available spaces. All other applications will be considered until September 30 for late admissions for available spaces after summer break due to withdrawals or failed language tests.

Language Testing

If we are able to admit your child, you may receive an invitation to a language test.

Intake capacity

We receive hundreds of applications per school year, consequently, we are unable to admit all applicants. Admission is possible only on a space available basis and the number of spaces varies each school year. While we track sibling applications during the application process, it is possible that we cannot admit all siblings if no space is available in certain grade levels.

International or “Third National” Applicants

International or ‘third national’ students can be admitted to grades 1-6 as long as there are no German or American applicants on the waiting list. We receive hundreds of applications per school year and are unable to admit all German and American applicants, therefore, international or ‘third national’ applicants can usually not be considered. We ask that you refrain from submitting an application.

Applications for Grade 1

Children who are registered in Berlin must apply at their local (district) school (Einzugsschule) regardless of their desire to attend a different school. If an application is made to the Senat to transfer to another school (click here for more information), it is not required to list JFKS as a Wunschschule. Please note that listing JFKS as a desired school does not have any affect on the admission process and does not guarantee admission. 



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