Goals and Objectives

Shared Understanding of Learning

Learning at JFKS is about making meaningful connections and building on the creativity of our students. Teachers serve as facilitators for the lifelong learning process of our students. Using bicultural, bilingual and problem- based methods, teachers and students engage in an inspiring learning process.

Academic Excellence
  • The school stresses both oral and written skills in the classroom as well as the acquisition of disciplined and systematic study skills.
  • The school expects students to master the subject matter at their respective grade levels.
  • The school offers all students the opportunity to achieve the American high school diploma, the German Abitur, or both in preparation for university admission.
  • The school encourages students to develop skills and values related to living in a technological society.
Mastery of English and German
  • The school provides students with the opportunity to master the English and German languages.
  • The school provides students with the opportunity to become bilingual in German and English.
Independent Inquiry
  • The school offers programs that will enable students and staff to develop creative ideas and the skills necessary to express them.
  • The school encourages independent learning, scientific methodology, and constructive research.
  • The school fosters the development of critical thinking to enhance the student’s ability to identify, understand, and solve problems.
  • The school helps students learn strategies to solve problems and reach decisions based on principles of democratic thinking in a pluralistic society.
International Understanding
  • The school endeavors to create an environment where its students who have special challenges are integrated into the John F. Kennedy School.
  • The school helps students be aware of and identify with their own culture.
  • The school expects students and staff to develop an understanding and appreciation of both the American and German cultures.
  • The school offers a curriculum and program of extracurricular activities which encourage the integration of both cultures.
  • The school encourages interaction with the community.
  • The school strives to keep students and staff abreast of the world situation and the latest developments in knowledge and research.
Mutual Respect
  • The school provides students with opportunities to develop tolerance for diversity and respect for all nationalities and cultures.
  • The school promotes a respect for the personal rights and property of others and does not tolerate violence.
  • The school teaches and expects non-violent conflict resolution.
  • The school helps students develop an appreciation for and commitment to the preservation of the environment.
Continual Development
  • The school’s community evaluates its achievement of these goals and welcomes the contribution of ideas and efforts for the school’s continual development.

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