Admissions: Grades 7-12 (HS)

The actual admissions process and requirements depend on the nationality of the student and parents of the student applying.


German students seeking admission to grades 7 through 12 must demonstrate English-language proficiency equivalent to their prospective German classmates at their grade level at JFKS. Proficiency is determined by an English test which includes a written essay. Students applying for Grade 11 usually have spent a year in a high school in the United States. As the number of places is limited, admission is very competitive.


American students transferring from other schools into grades 7 through 12 at JFKS submit an official application and are selected on the basis of their school transcripts and results on standardized examinations.

American high school diploma applicants need to supply copies of report cards (for grades 8 and below) and / or transcripts (for grades 9 and above) from the previous three years.

High school diploma applicants for grade 12 must have completed ‘US History’. US students applying from the US may have the possibility to complete a ‘US History’ course online. Non-US students who have not taken ‘US History’ will not be admitted.


International students can be admitted to grades 7-12 as long as there are no German or American applicants on the waiting list. With consistently over 1000 applications per school year, we have been unable to admit all German and American applicants, therefore, applicants without German or American citizenship have not been considered for admission in recent years.

In case the waiting list is exhausted, the Educational Directorate must approve any ‘third national’ applicant considered for admission. Applicants must also pass a language test, which includes an essay-writing sample, and demonstrate language proficiency equivalent to their classmates in the grade level for which they are applying. Further, the applicants’ transcript must reflect strong academic performance.


If you have submitted a complete application, you will receive email confirmation within six to eight weeks that your application has been processed. The actual admission process begins in April/May for Grades 7-12.


It is not possible to roll-over your applications to the next year. A new application form and supporting documents must be submitted.

Please be advised that admission is contingent upon the applicant being registered as living within Berlin’s city limits at the time of admission (see para. I, 1 of the “Admissions Regulations”). For applicants moving to Berlin, proof of residency in Berlin must be submitted before the beginning of the school year.


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