Educational Technology at The John F. Kennedy School Berlin
Our core philosophy in regards to technology is that every student and teacher should have access to the technology that is needed to make them successful. While the funding realities of a public school make this difficult, in 2012 we began a three year implementation plan aimed at getting us very close to this goal.

Elementary School
We bring the internet into the Elementary school classroom through the use of classroom computers and Promethean interactive whiteboards. Instead of dedicated ‘computer’ classes we integrate the use of technology into all of our core subjects. Students are encouraged to research, design, create and present concepts and ideas using technology as a tool or as a delivery method.

• We have two computer labs to support full classroom instruction.
• We have a media center in our library to support student research.
• We offer keyboarding instruction in both German and English.
• We currently use web based tools for math support, reading intervention, accelerated learning and instructional support.
• Every teacher has access to a full suite of technology tools through our Google Apps for Education portal.

High School
We underwent a major infrastructure project in 2013 to equip our High School as a Bring Your Own Device campus. By the end of 2013 we will have wireless access for both students and teachers in every part of the High School campus. We bring the internet into the classroom through a combination of large screen televisions, Epson interactive projectors, Promethean interactive boards, and portable media carts.

• We have three computer labs to support instruction.
• We offer courses that fulfill all N.E.T.S standards as well as P.I.S.A recommended guidelines.
Computer Applications
Web Design
Multimedia Design and Film Making
Computer Information Systems Management
AP Computer Science
• Online Content Management system.
• Cloud managed online environment for all students and teachers through our Google Apps for Education Portal.


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