Extracurricular Activities

The High School offers their students a large variety of extracurricular activities (e.g. clubs, academic, athletic and performance groups). These activities promote German-American relations and enable students to learn, refine and demonstrate their talents and skills outside the classroom. They play an instrumental role in the integration of German and American students.

Weekly debate on Wednesdays, 9th and 10th, W309
For more info click here or visit www.bermun.de
Contact: Mr. Lang or Mr. Robertson or
Community Service Activity Every other Tuesday, 20-minute break, W303
Contact: Mr. Weiss or
DramaFor more info click here.
(Diplôme d‘Études en langue française)
DELF preparation activity, level B1
Grade 9+10: Thursday, 6th period, B204. For more info click here.
Contact: Fr. Treu
Enviro Club For more info click here.
Contact: Mr. Lee
Feminist Initiative Mondays, 20-minute break, B105
Contact: Ms. Cupp or
Gay-Straight Alliance Contact: Dr. Halkyard
German-American Partnership Program (GAPP)For more info click here.
Contact: Hr. Hoedt
Haywire Literary MagazineWednesdays, 10th, W215
For more info click here.
Contact: Mr. Beckley

Mondays, 6th period, B109.

Inclusion. Diversity. Empathy. Awareness. Service. The IDEAS Club at the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, Germany was born of the demand that in our time of crises, in our Age of Anxiety, when democracy is fragile, when intolerance is increasingly tolerated, we must intensify our efforts to create a safe but challenging space to discuss and celebrate diversity. IDEAS is about challenging stereotypes, grappling with our biases, and tackling tough issues. 

We have weekly meetings to discuss these tough issues, we visit classrooms to teach empathy and awareness, we have a quarterly journal and a JFKS IDEAS podcast (available on Apple, Google, Spotify, et al.).
Muckraker School NewspaperFridays , 6th period, B214.
Muckraker site: click here.
School site: click here.
MusicFor more info click here.
Odyssey of the MindFor more info click here.
National Honor Society (NHS)
For more info click here.
Contact: Mr. Lazar
Peer Mediators For more info click here.
Contact: Fr. Böhm-Wirt
QuizbowlContact: Mr. Blessmann
ScoutingFor more info click here.
Sports ActivitiesFor more info click here.
Student Ambassadors For more info click here.
Contact: Ms. M. Kennedy
Student CouncilFor more info click here.
Contact: Ms. Jones

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