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In Entrance Class through 4th grade students take Physical Education classes in their homeroom groups, in 5th and 6th grade boys and girls are taught in separate classes mixed from different homerooms. In Entrance Class, students receive one hour, in 1st through 3rd grade two hours and in 4th through 6th grade three hours of instruction. In 3rd grade P.E. is taught as a year-long swimming program.

Physical Education offers the possibility of social interaction through international games and activities taught in both languages, drawing on special events and holidays from both cultures. Besides the highly important issue of physical movement, the development of social skills, fairness and integration of weaker or handicapped children is especially emphasized.

Individual growth in these areas is furthered as well: helpfulness, respect, fairness and the development of a positive attitude towards achievement and effort are encouraged. Self esteem, as well as enjoyment of movement, games and competition increase with individual progress.

Physical Education at this young age can provide means of preventing some of the ill effects of the increasingly sedentary habits of today’s children. In the long run, it offers opportunities for athletic recreation and, in combination with the many available extracurricular activities, contributes to a life long interest in sports.

In addition to regular instruction, the JFKS Sports Department offers a variety of Sports activities for different age groups:

Please also check the JFKS Sports Club website for more options.



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