Welcome from the Managing Director

On behalf of the JFKS Administration and the entire school community I would like to thank you for your interest in our school.

Over sixty years of successful work have made the John F. Kennedy School one of the most sought- after and renowned schools in Berlin. Consistently high standards and the respective results ensure that we receive applications from all over the world every day and that so many names fill our waiting lists.

The school’s bicultural, bilingual program is up-to-date and future-oriented. It is also a guarantee for the partnership between the United States of America and Germany with its very special, historically founded meaning for Berlin. The John F. Kennedy School considers it its educational mandate to develop the student’s entire personality. From the Entrance Class to the Abitur or High School Diploma Sports, Music, Drama and Art all play an essential role. The “Berlin Model United Nations” (BERMUN), welcoming up to 700 students from all over the world every year, is an integral part of our school program.

The use of new technologies, the changing view of content as well as a focus on the learning process itself play a defining role. Preparing the students for coping with ever faster developing social and global changes, learning communication and team competence, and taking over responsibility for others are just as crucial.

These challenges and perspectives are met by the entire JFKS community – not only the students and the German and American teachers and educators but also the parents, the many different partners, the US Embassy and the city of Berlin. Irreplaceable however is the dedication of the individual. Both, the individual contribution and the cooperation of everyone else make the school what it is today.

I would like to encourage you to explore our website to learn about the school’s rich academic and extracurricular offerings. In this special community, our students are challenged to develop new skills, use their creativity and embrace the diversity of people, cultures and ideas every day.

Welcome to JFKS!


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