All students also have the option to bring their own lunch and drink from home and eat in the school building or in the Aula during their assigned break time.

Hot Lunch at the Aula
A healthy hot lunch is served daily in the Large Aula. Students are able to choose from three different menus every day. They don’t have to choose or order in advance:

A: regional cooking
B: international food
C: always vegetarian, at times vegan

In addition to the main course (A, B or C), they get to choose one of the two extras:

1: Fit Buffet (fresh fruit and vegetables)
2: Fun Buffet (fresh salads and desserts)

Unlimited water from water dispensers and at times additional drinks is available to all students.

Hot lunch will have to be paid for through a non-cash payment system (see below) in order to assure all students are served as quickly as possible. For occasional lunch guests, there will be the option to buy a one-meal-voucher from the cafeteria window and proceed to the hot lunch window afterwards.

Additional Offers
There is the Aula Cafeteria with drinks, snacks etc. While non-cash payment is recommended here as well in order to avoid long lines, cash payment is also possible.

There is the High School Bistro with an extended selection of warm and cold snacks and small meals, salads etc. as well as hot and cold drinks. While non-cash payment is recommended here as well in order to avoid long lines, cash payment will also possible.

How to sign up…

To first register, please go to Registration Brunch@School. Registration is possible in German and English.

Students will receive a chip with registration code from the cafeteria staff.

How to pay…
The recommendation is to sign-up for non-cash payment and use one of the Brunch@School chips which is valid for all Brunch@School offerings depending on the individual set-up.

You load your chip with a chosen amount of money and determine how much the student is allowed to spend per day / per month as well as where and what he or she is free to buy. You can use your PayPal account to ensure an additional amount is transferred to your chip account automatically when the credit drops below a certain amount (specified by you). The other option to load your chip is immediate bank transfer (Sofortüberweisung).

The Berlin-wide individual prices for hot school lunch is €3,50 for students in grade 7-12 and adults.

Weekly menus will posted in the cafeteria area and online.

The Brunch@School nutrition specialist can be contacted regarding allergies or other dietary requirements. 

All contracts can be cancelled until 15:00 with the cancellation going into effect the following school day.

For detailed information go to:


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