JFKS Policies and Regulations

Absences and Illness

In case of illness, the homeroom teacher/tutor and the ES or HS office must be informed of the student’s absence by e-mail each day by 08:00 at the latest. Please put the office in the cc of your email ( or ). Parents must submit a written excuse note to the homeroom teacher by the third consecutive day of illness. If the student is excused from sports due to injury or illness, please submit the written excuse to the sports teacher.

Additionally, the following applies:

HIGH SCHOOL (7-12): Absences due to illness may be excused by the parents. Upon the student’s return to school the written excuse must be given to the homeroom teacher or tutor stating the length of and reason for the absence.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (EC-6): Absences due to illness may be excused by the parent up to and including four consecutive days. Upon the student’s return to school the written excuse must be given to the homeroom teacher stating the length of and reason for the absence. Absences due to illness for 5 consecutive days or longer (including weekends) require a doctor’s note.

All grade levels:

Students who have been ordered into quarantine due to suspected cases of COVID-19, must inform the school immediately.

Students diagnosed with a reportable disease (meldepflichtige Krankheit, which must be reported to the health authorities per the German Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz, or IfSG)) such as mumps (Mumps), measles (Masern), rubella (German measles, Röteln), chicken pox (Windpocken), scarlet fever (Scharlach), strep throat (Streptokokken) or another infectious illness must inform the school immediately. On the first day back, students must give the homeroom teacher a doctor’s certificate (Gesundschreibung) confirming that the student is no longer infectious and may return to school.

Any leave of absence up to three days can be granted by the homeroom teacher or tutor; longer periods have to be approved by a principal. A leave of absence right before or after vacation cannot be granted by the homeroom teacher but would need a principal’s approval.  As a rule, however, leaves of absences right before or after vacation are not granted. Requests for a leave of absence for longer than three days must be submitted in writing signed by both parents / legal guardians. Request forms are available in the offices or in the parent section of the website.

Regular attendance is important for a successful school experience. Any absence for which a proper excuse has not been received during the above period is considered “unexcused” and will be marked as such on the student’s report card.

Please use this Absence Excuse Form for HS Students – it needs to be printed, completed and signed by a parent or guardian.

Students participating in school related activities are marked as “excused” absences. Students remain responsible to catch up on all work missed including homework. They have to make arrangements with their teachers to find out about assignments and, if necessary, make-up dates for quizzes or tests.

Early Release Due to Hot Weather

Early release due to hot weather means that JFKS instruction and activities will end for all grade levels (EC-10) at 13:20. Students must leave campus, or remain in Hort or Late Birds. Grades 11-12 have regular instruction and will be not be released early.

Policy will take effect when temperature of 25°C is measured in any third floor ES classroom by 10:30. The decision to declare early release will be made at 10:30.

When the decision is made to declare early release, 7th and 8th hour as well as all after-school activities sponsored by JFKS will be cancelled. By 11:00, parents will be notified via email and an announcement will be made for all students and staff over the intercom in the school buildings. A notice will also be put on the front page of the JFKS website. The school will notify all necessary parties such as the caterers, bus company, Hort and Late Birds.

Supervision will be provided by JFKS for students not enrolled in Hort/Late Birds and who go home on school buses at 15:00.

At 13:20, grades EC-2 are released as usual (Hort, Late Birds, bus, pick-up). Children who would have attended a 13:20 after school activity sponsored by JFKS must be picked up or enrolled in an after-school program (Hort or Late Birds).

At 13:20, grades 3 -6 are released by their 6th hour teacher.

At 13:05, grades 7-10 are released. Grades 11-12 continue regular class schedules.

Electronic Devices – Elementary School

The use of electronic devices brought from home is not allowed for students in the JFKS Elementary School.

Upon reaching the front or back gate, students are expected to turn off and put away all mobile phones, mp3 players, game boys etc. Electronic devices used at school will be taken away and given to the homeroom teacher who will return them the following day when a note from the parents has been brought to school.

In some cases in the upper elementary school, parents are expected to come to school to retrieve cell phones, when students are using them on school grounds or during instruction.

Electronic Media Devices* (EMDs) – High School

Grades 7 – 10: No EMDs* shall be used by any student on the campus during school time. The EMD must be turned off and out of sight (no buzz, tones or lights).

Grades 11 – 12: No EMDs shall be used on the campus during school time other than in in the student lounge.  When in the classrooms, the EMD must be turned off and out of sight (no buzz, tones or lights).

All Grades: Teachers can specifically allow the use of EMDs during their class for educational purposes. Students are allowed to use their own EMDs for educational purposes in the library.

All Grades:  It is inappropriate and not permitted (i) to use EMDs for uploading or otherwise distributing photographs and/or personal information about other students, teachers, the administration and parents without their explicit permission and to use EMDs for obtaining or distributing in any fashion restricted information for tests, quizzes and other school work and (ii) while on campus to play games without educational purposes or to access websites banned by the school.

Any EMD that is used in violation of our policy will be taken by a member of the staff and given to the administration. The student is allowed to pick up their EMD after 15:00. Three violations of the EMD policy will result in a misconduct. Continued violations could result in a Class Conference.

* Definition of EMDs: All devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, watches, desktops, etc, which have online-access.

Grading Policies

Elementary School:
Students are graded according to the German (numerical) grading system. The following list shows the equivalent in the American grading system for Grade 4-6:

1 96 -100%
2 80 – 95%
3 60 – 79%
4 45 – 59%
5 16 – 44%
6 0 – 15%

High School:
Students are graded according to the German (numerical) grading system. The following list shows the equivalent in the American grading system for Grades 7-12:

1 = Very Good 1+ = A+ 1 = A 1- = A
2 = Good 2+ = A- 2 = B+ 2- = B
3 = Satisfactory 3+ = B- 3 = C+ 3- = C
4 = Adequate 4+ = C- 4 = D 4- = D
5 = Poor, Failing 5+ = F 5 = F 5- = F
6 = Failed 6 = F
Homework Policies

Elementary School

Entrance Class None
Grades 1 and 2 10-20 minutes per day
Grades 3 and 4 20-40 minutes per day
Grades 5 and 6 30-60 minutes per day

High School

Grades 7-9 90 minutes per day
Grade 10 120 minutes per day
Grade 11 6 hours per week
Grade 12 10 hours per week
Lice Policy

If you are notified by the school of a case of lice in your child’s grade level, please check your child’s hair and head to make sure they are lice free.

If lice are discovered we require proof of treatment (packaging of medication used) and a written confirmation that the child is lice-free after treatment. Only then your child is allowed to return to school. A second treatment is required per the treatment instructions (usually 7-10 days after the first round).

Lost and Found

Detailed information about lost and found items and storage areas can be found here.

School Rules - Elementary School & Hort

A list of school rules for the elementary school and Hort can be found here.

Additionally, for safety reasons, only walking is allowed on the stairs and in the hallways due to the large number of students. If students are caught running they will be asked to return to their starting point and walk the distance again.

Students are asked to move quietly and speak in a normal tone of voice. When using the stairs, students stay on the right hand side. Bouncing balls in the hallways is not allowed.

Students moving to Brandenburg

JFKS students who move to Brandenburg may continue enrollment at JFKS if the student submits proof of the guest student (Gastschüler) status by the Berlin Senate School Authority (Senatsschulverwaltung) and the relevant State School Authorities in Brandenburg.

Upon moving to Brandenburg, parents of JFKS students should immediately initiate the process of obtaining guest student status by contacting their relevant State School Authority (e.g. the Staatliche Schulamt Brandenburg a.d.H. for the cities of Potsdam or Brandenburg, and the Landkreise Potsdam Mittelmark and Teltow-Fläming)Please be aware that you will not receive any prompting and must undertake this process independently in order to continue your child’s enrollment at JFKS. JFKS is not able to counsel or assist you in obtaining this status, and has no influence on the processing time of your application.

Please refer to the Guest Student Agreement (Gastschülerabkommen) between the Land Berlin and the Land Brandenburg (link here) for more information.

Teaching and Learning Materials

The Berlin Senate supplies the funds for teaching and learning materials for JFKS students. JFKS will purchase schoolbooks at bulk prices, and lend out other learning materials to the students, freeing the parents of the task of locating and buying books and learning materials.

The Elementary School posts lists for school supplies for grades EC-6.

In the High School, students are asked to come with writing utensils on the first day of school as individual teachers will inform students what items are required for their class. Some additional materials may need to be purchased by students and their families as of school year 22/23. See this post for more information.


The JFKS Traffic Committee has created a document with detailed information on the traffic situation around the school and explanations of the rules and street signs related to parking.

Thank you for keeping our students safe!

Weapons and other Dangerous Objects

In order to insure the safety of all persons on the school campus, it is forbidden to bring any sort of weapon or dangerous object to school. Weapons include fixed knives of all types, foldable jackknives,switchblades,butterfly knives, gas pistols, and any implement or instrument which could be used as a weapon.

Wheels Policy

The use of wheels for transportation on the JFKS campus and on the entire ramp is not allowed for safety reasons. Upon reaching the drop arms on each side of the ramp or the back gate, students, teachers and parents are expected to walk their bicycles, carry their skateboards or push their scooters. “Heelies” are not allowed on campus anywhere. Wheelchairs may be used by disabled people.


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