For Elementary School children (Entrance Class – Grade 6) lunch is provided for free by the Berlin Senat.

All students also have the option to bring their own lunch and drink from home and eat in the Aula during their grade level assigned eating time.

We are excited to announce that Graefewirtschaft GmbH is our new caterer.  Due to construction in the kitchen, the lunch and snack options will be initially limited but Graefewirtschaft will be providing warm lunches for all ES students.

Letters were sent home from the Graefewirtschaft for each elementary school student with directions regarding registering your child for lunch. Although the directions in the letter are only in German, the website and app is available in several languages, including English. Please be sure to sign your child up for lunch if s/he will be eating the school lunch so that the caterer can prepare an adequate number of lunches and account for any dietary needs.

If you have any questions about this process or problems signing in, please contact Graefewirtschaft directly at .

During the renovation phase, there will not be a snack bar where students can buy snacks.  There will be a small offering of Brötchen in the mornings at 7:30 for students who forgot to have breakfast.  All students are encouraged to bring their own snacks.


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