After School Care

The John F. Kennedy School is an “open” all-day school – students are dismissed at different times according to their grade level. In order to accommodate working parents or to coordinate with siblings’ dismissal times, JFKS offers two After School Care programs: Hort and Late Birds.

HORT is a program for children of working parents subsidized by the city of Berlin covering long working hours during the day until 18:00 as well as during vacation time and American holidays.

Click here for more information on Hort.

LATE BIRDS is an afterschool program all families can participate in. Childcare for EC-6th graders is offered when school is in session until 16:00, on some American holidays, teacher conference days and one or two weeks of Summer Camp over summer vacation. Families can choose between a Mini or Maxi Package for the most flexibility.

Click here for more information on Late Birds.


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