Admissions FAQs


1. Can students living in Brandenburg apply to JFKS?
No, all new students at the John F. Kennedy School have to provide an official Berlin Anmeldebestätigung (official documentation of Berlin residency) at the time of admission.

2. Does JFKS charge tuition?
No, the John F. Kennedy School is a public school and therefore does not charge tuition.

3. When is the deadline for students’ applications?
For perspective Entrance Class students the application period is from October 1 to January 31 for the following school year. For students applying to grades 1 through 12, the application period is from September 1 to March 31 for the following school year. Please see: Application periods

4. When will the admission decisions for the next school year be made, when will we receive confirmation about our child being admitted or not?
The Entrance Class lottery takes place in April, afterwards official admissions letters will be sent out to Entrance Class parents. Admissions letters for High School students (grades 7-12) will be sent out by May, for the Elementary School (grades 1-6) by June. Please note that late admission is possible due to withdrawals or no-shows. Your application is valid and will be considered for late admission until December 31.

5. Is there a probation period for new students at JFKS?
The probation period for students in the ES is one year, for students in the HS one semester.

6. Does JFKS offer an Open House to visit the school?
There is no Open House but it is possible to schedule individual tours of the school. Please contact Annika von Maydell at to make an appointment.

7. Does JFKS have boarding facilities?
The John F. Kennedy School does not have boarding facilities.

8. Which diplomas do students at JFKS work towards?
Students at the John F. Kennedy School work towards the German Abitur, the American High School Diploma and Advanced Placement Program, or towards both. JFKS does not offer the IB program.

9. Do students applying to JFKS have to have prior knowledge of English and / or German?
Students applying to Grades 1 through 12 have to be fluent in English, but not in German. Please see: ES Admission and HS Admission

10. Does JFKS offer accommodations for Special Needs students?
Yes, JFKS does offer accommodations for Special Needs students. Please see: ES Student Support Services and HS Student Support Services





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Welcome Office / Admissions


Questions about the admissions process:

Annika von Maydell


You can reach us on Wednesdays (12:00pm to 1:00pm CET) and Fridays (2:00pm to 3:00pm CET) at +49-30-90299-5773


Please send your applications ONLY to the following e-mail address:

Or by post:

John F. Kennedy School
Teltower Damm 87-93
14167 Berlin, Germany

Please do not send applications to the principals or the ES and HS offices.