Lost and Found

If you have recently lost something, there are several places you might be able to find them:

Elementary School Collection Point: GR202

All items are collected in the WHITE closet in GR202. Every Wednesday, items are moved into the RED closet after a photograph has been taken of every item. Pictures can be found online here: JFKS Lost and Found.

High School Collection Point: W102

All items are collected in W103 with Ms. White-Stein. Every week, items are moved to GR202 (Elementary School Collection Point) to be included in the online album (JFKS Lost and Found) on Wednesdays. Due to Covid-related hygiene measures, items remain in the high school. Check with the secretaries if you have lost something!

Gym/Sporthalle Collection Point

All items are collected in the big chest in the entrance area of the gym. More valuable items can be picked up in the gym office by contacting one of the sports teachers.

Email if you have any questions

Please note that any items not claimed will be donated on the dates listed in the description of the online photo album.


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