Catholic Education

Catholic religious education at JFKS is an invitation and opportunity for your children to learn more about Christianity, the great Judeo-Christian cultural heritage, and in the upper grades, about the faith and traditions of other world religions.

It aims to be an opportunity for your children to explore important questions and issues in life and to offer guidance in decision-making. The lessons offer the opportunity to respectfully deal with different opinions and to search for solutions in an open atmosphere. The students should be enabled to form their own opinions critically and tolerantly, but also self-confidently – more Socrates than catechism.

The lessons are based on the age-specific cognitive abilities and life experiences of the students when dealing with fundamental topics such as family, friendship, conflict, reconciliation, fear, prejudice and moral courage.

The biblical narratives offer a traditional treasure trove of archetypal stories that have helped shape the human experience through the ages. As students engage with these stories, they will naturally ask themselves how relevant (and true?) they still are to their own lives today. In this context, many other big questions arise: “What is meant by God?” “What is the meaning of life?” “What is a good life and how do I manage to live it?”

On a Christian level, students learn about the importance of religion for our values, culture, art, as well as the festivals in the church cycle.

The content of the lessons is taught in a variety of ways. Age-appropriate stories are told, read, played, painted, crafted and sung. Likewise, the topics are developed by means of various laying techniques, text work and role-playing. Audio-visual media are also used when appropriate.

Note to Catholic parents:

Preparation for First Holy Communion and Confirmation is undertaken by the local parish, not through religious education classes.

Information on the curriculum:

See Staff List for teachers of Catholic Religion at JFKS.


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