School Philosophy

The John F. Kennedy School is a bilingual, bicultural German-American tuition-free public school. It offers an integrated elementary and high school program that combines the strengths of both the German and American educational traditions. Acknowledging and appreciating cultural diversity, the John F. Kennedy School serves German- and English-speaking students of all nations for the purpose of developing international understanding. The languages of instruction, German and English, are equally respected. Within this framework the educational program incorporates the essentials of the German and American school curricula.

Upholding high academic standards of both educational systems, the JFKS gives students an opportunity to learn through different modes and strategies. Promoting learning as a continuous lifetime process, the balanced curriculum supports student growth in all areas, including the fine arts, humanities, languages, sciences, mathematics, and sport. The school trips are an important part of formal education and they supplement instruction by providing direct observation and experience, thereby creating new ways for students to deepen their understanding of what they have already learned and acquire new knowledge.

In guiding students to understand themselves and the world around them, the JFKS fosters independent inquiry, critical thinking, open-mindedness and service to others. The curriculum and learning strategies encourage the development of responsible, democratic citizens. At all times the dignity of the individual student and teacher is paramount.


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