The Educational Directorate (Erziehungsdirektorium / ED)
The ED plays a strategic role in school matters. It is a guarantor of the school’s profile and mission. The ED is a unique committee within the Berlin public school system. Its duties and composition are stipulated in paragraphs 5 and 6 of the JFK School Law (in German).

Whereas the School Conference mostly deals with internal school issues, the central responsibility of the ED is to guarantee the particular binational and bicultural character of the JFKS as a German-American school which incorporates both school systems within its structures.

Members of the Educational Directorate (ED) in 2018-19:
Sandra Scheeres, Senator of Schools (Senatorin f. BJW)
Grit Orgis, Alternate SenBJW – StV Direktor Senatsverw. f. BJW
Heike Waldschütz, Oberschulrätin SenBWF – StV
Frank Mückisch, Bezirksstadtrat
Jörg Weese, Fachbereichsleiter StV Zehlendorf

Scott Robinson, US Embassy Representative (Alternate Chair)
David Fabrycky, US Embassy Representative

Racso Cortinas, American ES Principal
N.N., German ES Principal
Brian Salzer, Managing Director – American HS Principal
Rasco Cortinas, American ES Principal (Alternate)
Steffen Schulz, Acting German HS Principal
Jenny Hoenicke, Acting German ES Principal (Alternate)

Sonja Fietz, German Parent Rep (Chair)
Julia Wachs German Parent Rep (Alternate)
Susan Brown, American Parent Rep
Sarah Gross, American Parent Rep (Alternate)
Chad Felt, American Teacher Rep (HS)
Helge Martens, German Teacher Rep (HS) (Alternate)
Dagmar Opitz, German Teacher Rep (ES)
Karen Wingo, American Teacher Rep (ES) (Alternate)

Alex Eastman, American Student Rep
Henri Jackson, German Student Rep

The School Conference (Schulkonferenz/SK):
This committee is composed of democratically elected representatives from the faculty, student and parent councils, as well as two principals. The SK is mandated by Berlin School Law to serve as a round table for these key school groups – to develop collaborative strategies for old problems or new projects on campus, including strategic planning and practical implementation. The SK meets at school every six to eight weeks.

Members of the School Conference (SK) in 2018-19:
Brian Salzer, Managing Director – American HS Principal
Racso Cortinas, American ES Principal (Alternate)
Jenny Hoenicke, German ES Principal
Steffen Schulz, Acting German HS Principal (Alternate)

Lars Bespolka, American Parent Rep
Kristen Winkler, American Parent Rep
Nelly Heidbrink, American Parent Rep (Alternate)
Kristina Pedersen, American Parent Rep (Alternate)
Stefan Berger, German Parent Rep
Marion Patt, German Parent Rep
Anja Hollmann, German Parent Rep (Alternate)
Kathrin Völkner, German Parent Rep (Alternate)

Heather Rising (ES), American Teacher Rep
Andrew Rockenstein (ES), American Teacher Rep (Alternate)
Anne de Tarr (HS), American Teacher Rep
Phil Blessman (HS), American Rep (Alternate)
Timm Jones (ES), German Teacher Rep
Malte Schröder (ES), German Teacher Rep (Alternate)
Gabi Jendretzki (HS), German Teacher Rep
Christian Neumann (HS), German Teacher Rep (Alternate)

Christine Cook, American Student Rep
Lars Brown-Heidenreich, American Student Rep
Emily Gschwind, American Student Rep (Alternate)
Emma Nathenson, American Student Rep (Alternate)
Isabel Tscherniak, German Student Rep
Johannes von Kleist, German Student Rep
Johanna Fietz, German Student Rep (Alternate)
Susanne Heidbrink, German Student Rep (Alternate)

Svetlana Ostojic, Hort Rep (permanent guest)



John F. Kennedy School

Teltower Damm 87-93
14167 Berlin, Germany


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High School (7-12)

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