The John F. Kennedy School Student Support Services are comprised of a dynamic team of collaborative professionals. The Counselors, Abitur Coordinators, Special Education Teachers, Pedagogical Assistants, Registrar and Learning Support Teachers all play crucial roles in helping our students succeed academically, socioemotionally, and in their career and college aspirations.

This team of professionals involves teachers, administration, parents, and even outside resources when necessary, to advocate for the best of every student. We place a great deal of emphasis on meeting students where they are, and identifying a child’s specific strengths and needs, so as to best guide and promote healthy development.

Students, teachers, and parents are encouraged to contact their Counselor when there is a concern about emotional, social, or academic development. All information is handled with utmost confidentiality, according to the ethical standards set forth by both German law and the professional association for School Counseling (ASCA).

The majority of the professionals on this team are located in House Reil at the center of campus. House Reil is one of the oldest buildings on campus and has its distinct architectural features such the two Ionic columns. There are also staff members located in our primary Elementary and High School Buildings which encircle House Reil.


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