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The JFKS High School Sports program is directly geared at the idea of a bicultural and bi-national education, its main goals are:

  • Giving a positive input on health and physical efficiency
  • Promoting physical, emotional, intellectual and social development
  • Enjoying physical activities as a prerequisite for life-time sports

Three periods of regular instruction per week are scheduled for all students in 7th through 10th grade. In 11th and 12th grade, students meet once a week for a double-period of P.E..

P.E. is taught in groups which are composed of different class sections with students of different cultural and language background. The application of various organizational methods promotes permanent interaction and cooperation between students.

The Sports Department uses the German curriculum (Rahmenplan) as its foundation and supplements the program to enhance the benefits for the students. Therefore, the special JFKS curriculum includes a wide variety of sport disciplines from both the German and American cultures. Typical American sports (American Football, Flag Football, Softball, Lacrosse, Basketball, Cross Country) as well as typical German sports (Apparatus Gymnastics, Team Handball, Soccer) are offered. The German curriculum provides general guidelines allowing for teacher flexibility.

In 8th grade, all students participate in the 8th grade Ski Trip. More details can be found here: 8th Grade Ski Trip.

The following extracurricular activities are offered:

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Please check out the JFKS Sports Club for more sports activities.


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