JFKS students have the opportunity to participate in band already in elementary school. Advanced students can audition for the Advanced Band starting in 3rd grade, students starting with an instrument in 5th grade join the Beginners Band, advanced 5th graders may join the 6th graders in participating in the Advanced Band or in the Jazz Band.

After moving on to High School, students have the opportunity to join the 7th/8th Grade  Band and later the High School Band or the Jazz Band.


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The JFKS Fine Arts Department

Department Chairs

Lori Cook - Elementary School

Dr. Joseph Curtis - High School

Esther Freymadl - Oberstufe

Music Office G114
Phone +49-30-90299 5187

Ingrid Stahl, G203

Phone +49-30-90299 5762

Rebecca McDaniel, G116

Phone +49-30-90299 5634