Jewish Education

Jewish religion classes have been offered at JFKS alongside other religion lessons since 1992. The main contents of instruction are:

• The religious dimension of Judaism
• Jewish history (Torah, Bible Studies)
• The Hebrew language

The curriculum is primarily oriented around the Jewish Calendar. The integration of the instructional material into the current liturgical season with its festivals and holy days is vitally important as a firsthand experience and enrichment of the learning process.

It is especially important in the lower grades for children to express what they have learned through crafts, games, and stories etc.

In addition to all this, the students are given an introduction to biblical history in the context of Jewish life and liturgy.

In the fifth and sixth grades, the curriculum is designed to offer the students with a solid basis for their Bat- or Bar-Mizwah.

See Staff List for teachers of Jewish Education at JFKS.


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