Ski Trip Update – 16.3.

While the gray, wet windy weather may have subdued spirits on the bus (providing a relatively quiet ride down for thankful teachers!), the excitement of new rooms, fun roommates and the stunning alpine scenery provided reason for plenty of joy and anticipation.

We were especially proud of the patience of our students in several ways on our “opening day.” It is not fun to stand in the long line at the ski rental place, finding that “perfect fit” of a snowboot and the right size skis. Nevertheless, the process was the smoothest in many years. We were surprised when Herr Mueller reported at dinner that the rental place had praised our students for their cooperation and good behavior – what a tribute!

The next challenge: blinding and quick-falling snow that prevented one of our cars from making it up the slope, and forcing the local busses to put chains on their tires before continuing their ascent. Herr Hoedt was in the middle of it all, slipping and sliding in a heroic trek up the hill, knowing that the lunch bags in his car must be delivered.

Once again the students had to be patient, not only during our two assessment runs but also with the constant snowfall and cold. But new groups were formed during lunch and most everybody enjoyed several afternoon runs. A few card games and table tennis matches provided further entertainment in the recreation room before Wiener Schnitzel and hausgemachter Apfel Strudel provided sustenance for a new day. 8f provided the first evening program.

We woke to fresh snow in the valley on Tuesday! The first full day of skiing provided the reward for the challenges of previous days as well as a chance to truly witness some of the talent of this 8th grade class. Many students of varying levels got a taste of fresh powder, and the fresh powder got a taste of one of our girls’ skis! (To be returned to the rental shop when discovered sometime in July!) Many teachers remarked how students with outstanding skills have gone out of their way to help and support fellow students with growing skills, this writer included!

After lasagna this evening, a raucous lip sync contest hosted by 8b ensued with various choreographical wonders, laughs and hearty applause. After long debate, the judges gave the edge to 8c who performed a rousing rendition of “Country Roads.” Must be the mountains.

We all look forward to a sound sleep tonight! C. Felt

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