JFKS students have the opportunity to participate in an orchestra already in elementary school. Advanced students can audition for the Advanced Orchestra starting in 3rd grade, students starting with an instrument in 5th grade join the Beginners Orchestra, advanced 5th graders may join the Advanced Strings, 6th graders can participate in the Advanced Orchestra.

After moving on to High School, students have the opportunity to join the Middle School and later the High School Orchestra.

Beginning Strings

Instrumental music is available to ALL 5th graders at JFK. Students who choose to play Violin, Viola, Cello or String Bass are part of a year-long ensemble which teaches students the basics of good posture, tone and music reading. Students are involved in a weekly orchestra ensemble class as well as small group lunch lessons. Instruments are provided by the school for a nominal rental fee. Students perform in one concert at the end of the year.

When? Wednesday, 3rd period

Director: Ms. Jaques ()

Advanced Strings

Advanced 5th grade string players (those with previous experience and/or private lessons) have the opportunity to perform in a separate class taught by Frau Freymadl. The group participates in the ES Music Evenings.

When? Wednesday, 3rd period

Director: Fr. Freymadl ()

Advanced Orchestra

This string ensemble is an elective choice for students who played in Beginning Orchestra or Advanced Strings as 5th graders and would like to continue their string ensemble participation in 6th grade. Students MUST provide their own instrument (with the exception of String Bass). Students continue to learn technique (such as self tuning, vibrato, shifting, etc.) through ensemble rehearsals and weekly lunch lessons. Students perform in 2 concerts a year (Winter and Spring). Private lessons are recommended for students, but not required.

*If a student is interested in participating in both Orchestra and Band, they should contact the Directors as this is a possibility!!

(Students who are members of this group have the opportunity to audition for the European Middle School Honor Orchestra (grades 6-8) sponsored by AMIS (Association for the Music in International Schools)).

When? Wednesday, 8th period

Director: Ms. Jaques ()


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The JFKS Fine Arts Department

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Dr. Curtis - High School

Fr. Freymadl - Oberstufe

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