9th and 10th Grade

In 9th grade, courses start counting towards the High School Diploma, between grades 9 and 12 students have to earn at least 26 academic credits for graduation.

Students in grades 9 and 10 also have the chance to participate in the French and Spanish exchange programs as well as in the Texas GAPP (German American Partnership Program) Exchange in grade 10.

In 9th Grade students take part in a Betriebspraktikum (internship) for ten days intended to provide them with the opportunity to gather experience in a professional field they are interested in. They are responsible for writing applications and finding their internship.

In 10th grade, students take the exams for the Mittlerer Schulabschluß, MSA (Intermediate School Certificate). For more information click here: https://jfks.de/students/10th-grade-msa/


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