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The John F. Kennedy School (JFKS) is an academically competitive, college preparatory school. Admission is selective. It is based on past school records and, where necessary, on testing. All admissions are probationary for one year in the elementary school and one semester in the high school.

Qualified American applicants are admitted on a space available basis with certain priority exceptions. It is crucial that student applications be submitted prior to arriving in Berlin. The application period begins as of September 1 of the year prior to the school year requested. Since JFKS admits on a SPACE AVAILABLE basis, there are only a limited number of places at each grade level, therefore, we highly recommend all applicants look into other school options as well. All applications must be received within the application period. No exceptions!

German and American children who speak the language corresponding to their citizenship at the level of a native speaker, and have at least one parent who has the same nationality as the child, shall be considered for admission to the Entrance Class. Students applying for grades 1-12 must be able to pass an age-appropriate English test. Third nationals, i.e. children who are neither German nor American nationals may be admitted only with the approval of the Educational Directorate and only if their admission does not block that of an American or German child.

Admission to the JFKS is governed by the JFKS Law and by an Educational Directorate resolution (“Regulation of Admission to the John F. Kennedy School”, as amended by Resolution No. 494/228 of March 8, 1988, No. 525/312 of October 17, 2000, No. 561/340 of November 2, 2004, No. 582/345 of May 10, 2005, No. 568/386 of October 6, 2010, No. 573/393 of June 15, 2011 and and No. 591/420 of November 22, 2016 of the Educational Directorate of the John F. Kennedy School).

For a pdf of the JFKS Admissions Regulations, please use this link.


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