Transcript Requests

To request transcript be sent to a specific institution please follow these steps:

  1. On your Naviance Account please request a transcript
  2. Email the registrar at gro.n1566106997ilreb1566106997skfj@1566106997rarts1566106997iger1566106997 with details to your request
    1. School Name
    2. Specific department destination
    3. Electronic or Mail
    4. Official or Unofficial
    5. Initial, Mid-year, or Final
  3. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with the registrar and to confirm receipt with the designated institution

Please follow the established protocol so that all transcript requests are processed efficiently and effectively. If there are questions or concerns the students will be contacted directly via school email. It is therefore imperative that students actively monitor their school emails for any important messages.

To assist you in planning out when to request different documents please reference the chart below:

Application Deadline Deadline to Request Transcripts
October 15 October 5, 2018
November 1 October 18, 2018
November 15 November 1, 2018
December 1 November 15, 2018
January 1 December 8, 2018
January 15 December 20, 2018

Please follow the established protocol so that all applications are processed efficiently and effectively.  In order to allow our systems to function as they are designed to do so, we have begun deleting requests that are not completed correctly. We may notify students of discrepancies through school email, so check your messages regularly.