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A dynamic sports program is essential to the education and character development of students, at JFKS it is also an important part of its binational, bi-cultural education. Starting with P.E. instruction in the Entrance Class, the JFKS Sports department is dedicated to providing the best possible learning environment for the physical, cognitive and social development of its students.

The JFKS Sports curriculum includes experiences in:

  • sportsmanship and teamwork
  • commitment and discipline
  • competition and conflict management
  • skill and character development

In the Elementary School, swimming is an integral part of the 3rd grade curriculum, in the High School, the entire 8th grade participates in a ski trip to Austria.

In addition to the weekly P.E. instruction in which all students participate, JFKS Sports teachers offer a variety of extracurricular Sports activities including basketball, badminton, lacrosse or rowing to students in the Elementary School and High School.

JFKS Teams in different sports participate successfully on a regular basis in tournaments as well as Berlin and German Championships.



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The JFKS Sports Department

High School
Hr. Nagel

Elementary School
Mr. Mandel

Gym S109
Phone +49-30-90299 6436