In case you don’t find the name of a particular staff member, please contact the elementary school office by email or at (030) 90299 5711.Please observe the following email etiquette guidelines in order to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments. We kindly ask that you

  • use email for important issues;
  • expect a response within 3 work days; and
  • communicate directly to the particular teacher without sending copies to other people.

Please note: leave of absence and excuses for a student’s absence can only be accepted in written form with parents’ or guardians’ signature and not via email.

Entrance Class
Ms. Callahan
Fr. Gschwender
Ms. Hansen
**Ms. Jackson
Dr. Kennedy-Salchow
Fr. Lambrecht
*Fr. Ritterbusch

Grade 1
Fr. Dawi
Ms. German
Fr. Meden
Ms. Müller
**Ms. Reichert

Grade 2
Fr. Fischer
**Fr. Hoedt
Mr. Kubala
Fr. Prenzel
Ms. Schempershauwe

Grade 3
Ms. Barkhymer
**Fr. Korda
Fr. Menzel
Fr. Rigney
Ms. White

Grade 4
**Ms. Barrios (*Social Studies)
Fr. Frenzel
Fr. Göbel (*Social Studies)
Fr. Hartmann
Ms. Piche

Grade 5
Mr. Bollig
**Fr. Evers
Ms. Kraus
Fr. Saupe
Ms. Ziegler

Grade 6
**Ms. Bennett
Fr. Dünkel
Mr. Kleinman
Fr. Neumann (*Art)
Ms. Younghans

School Counselors
Ms. Faber (EC-5th grade)
Ms. Day (6th-9th grade)

American Principal:
Ms. Martin-O’Connor
American Asst. Principal:
Dr. Kennedy-Salchow
German Principal:
German Assist. Principal:

Elementary Office (Email: )
Fr. Budde
Ms. Coffey
Ms. Robertson


* denotes Subject Coordinators
MT: Mother Tongue
PT: Partner Tongue

** denotes Grade Chair

Ms. Baker
*Ms. Barkhymer (MT)
Ms. Beebe
Ms. DeStefano
Ms. Geary-Müller
*Ms. Kraus (PT)
Mr. Olson
Ms. Riemer
Ms. White

Fr. Beric
Fr. Bonorden
*Fr. Freytag (PT)
Fr. Jasper
Hr. Jones
Fr. Koßmann
Fr. Praetorius
*Fr. Rigney (MT)
*Fr. Ritterbusch (MT)
Fr. Saupe
Fr. Witzmann

*Fr. Frenzel
Fr. Hasenstab
Dr. Kennedy-Salchow
Ms. White
Fr. Witzmann

Hr. Jones
Ms. Sickels
*Ms. Williams

Mr. Barkhymer

Ms. Baker (English)
Fr. Hasenstab (Mathe)
N.N. (Deutsch)
Fr. Praetorius (Deutsch)
Ms. Riemer (English)

Mr. Filipp
Library Staff:
Fr. Lage
Ms. Rose

Fr. Amann
Ms. Beebe
Ms. Cook
*Dr. Curtis
Ms. Epping
Fr. Freymadl
Ms. Hale
Ms. Jaques
Ms. Kelleher
*Ms. Martin

Ms. DeStefano
Ms. Geary-Müller
Hr. Golldack
*Mr. Mandel

Fr. Friedman (jüd.)
Fr. Hornfeck (kath., engl.)
Fr. Kleine (ev., dt.)
Hr. Makowski (kath., dt.)
Ms. McClintock (ev., engl.)
*Fr. Schnaubelt (ev., dt.)

Life Skills (Lebenskunde)
Fr. Kurschus (dt./engl.)
Fr. Schweiger (dt./engl.)
*Fr. Yanikoglu (dt./engl.)


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