The administration of the John F. Kennedy School consists of an American and a German Principal of the Elementary School (ES) and an American and German Principal of the High School (HS). One of these four is also the Managing Director of the John F. Kennedy School.

The principals lead the school as colleagues in accordance with the law and administrative regulations, as well as the instructions and resolutions of the Educational Directorate (E.D.) of the John F. Kennedy School and the decisions of the JFKS School Conference and faculty.

High School
Elementary School
American Principal
Dr. Mark Fritzenschaft
Managing Director/American Principal
LaTyia Rolle
Managing Director/German Principal
Robert Bartz
German Principal
Nicola Kub

assistant principals support and assist the Managing Director and principals in their administrative functions. They develop the schedule, supervision, and substitution plans and are responsible for discipline matters. They arrange for substitute teachers and substitute for the principal of their nationality and level as necessary.

High School
Elementary School
American Assistant Principal
Erin Hale
American Assistant Principal
Dr. Shana Kennedy-Salchow
German Assistant Principal (acting)
Gianna Gillert
German Assistant Principal
Jenny Hoenicke

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