REMINDER: Policy on early release due to hot weather

This information can be found under JFKS Policies and Regulations.

Early Release Due to Hot Weather
Early release due to hot weather means that JFKS instruction and activities will end for all grade levels (EC-10) at 13:30. Students must leave campus, or remain in Hort or Late Birds. Grades 11-12 have regular instruction and will be not be released early.

Policy will take effect when temperature of 25°C is measured in any third floor ES classroom by 10:30. The decision to declare early release will be made at 10:30.

When the decision is made to declare early release, 7th and 8th hour as well as all after-school activities sponsored by JFKS will be cancelled. By 11:00, parents will be notified via email and an announcement will be made for all students and staff over the intercom in the school buildings. A notice will also be put on the front page of the JFKS website. The school will notify all necessary parties such as the caterers, bus company, Hort and Late Birds.

Supervision will be provided by JFKS for students not enrolled in Hort/Late Birds and who go home on school buses at 15:00. At 13:05, grades EC-2 are released as usual (Hort, Late Birds, bus, pick-up). Children who would have attended a 13:10 after school activity sponsored by JFKS must be picked up or enrolled in an after-school program (Hort or Late Birds). At 13:30, grades 3 -6 are released by their homeroom teacher following 10 minute homeroom. At 13:30, grades 7-10 are released. Grades 11-12 continue regular class schedules.

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