8th Grade Ski Trip 2022 – Update #2

It’s unbelievable, but we have yet to see a cloud in the sky. Nevertheless, cold temps at night have provided nearly ideal skiing conditions, and we are delighted to say that thanks to the impressive progress of the beginners, EVERYONE has a lift pass and has achieved new heights! (Pardon the pun) So our raison d’être has already been accomplished – may the fun endure to the end.

Sonia’s meals continue to satisfy – a delicious Kasespätzle tickled the taste buds two nights ago, for instance.

And shortly after each meal, the kids have provided activities to entertain or enlighten, whether a game night, a dance party, trivia night or tonight’s Baby Face Challenge. However, the big buzz after skiing have been the court trials introduced by Mr. Lang. Students have plied their trade in their roles as lawyers, witnesses and juries to determine the innocence or guilt of the accused, while Mr. Felt and Mr. Lee have presided as judges. Because the second court case was currently under appeal at press time with the possible submission of new, previously undisclosed evidence, I am not at liberty to share any specific information on the cases, but we urge you to ask your child.

Finally, we come across a variety of new discoveries as house parents, but we were stumped with a recent attempt at innovation: have any of you been teaching your children to toast bread with a hair dryer for a late night snack? Just curious.                     

Chad Felt

Counsel presenting opening remarks
Trivia Night hosts and contestants
Room Inspection prep
Why we’re here.
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