8th Grade Ski Trip 2022 – Update #3

Final thoughts

Our luck couldn’t last forever. Cerulean skies, great snow, lots of learning, lots of laughs – and then… a visit from Covid offered new challenges to the kids and staff. Ironically, the lines at the doctor’s office have been much shorter than usual, as the line of sniffling children stretched down the hallway 20-30 deep in years past with classic flu symptoms.

But, because of our precautions with the pandemic, some rooms were rearranged and a few meals were staggered to reduce numbers in the dining hall. Luckily, the healthy majority were able to ski to the last, something we weren’t able to accomplish in 2020. And surprisingly, the bulk of students maintained their good spirits and, well, partied to the very end. I can not only feel the booming bass but can also see the dancing from beyond the window from where I write here on Thursday night. (“Geh mal Bier holen” a moment ago, followed by the Macarena (see photo!). In fact, last night after an evening hike up into the hills, many students stayed outside in the parking lot for some impromptu Moonlight waltzing. Nice to see the guys offering tutelage!

Our last day culminated with “open ski”, carving up the Sahara dust-covered slopes (weird!) with their friends. One of the most satisfying occurrences of these trips is seeing complete beginners skiing with their highly advanced friends – and holding their own beautifully! My colleagues agree that this bunch of kids has been a special group: talented, cooperative, fun, resilient. And yes, they learned to pass the lasagna before filling their own plate with great dexterity and civility.

Before wrapping up, I’d like to offer a special mention to some of our youngest stars on the staff. While we leaned on the leadership, entertainment and creativity of our veterans, we were blessed with having four alumni to help us with doctoring, organizing, counseling and encouraging. (I should also mention that they are our best skiers and licensed ski instructors!)

To be sure, Hanna and Leo Greeves, Amelie Heidrich and Katharina Schier especially enriched these last two weeks and provided a heroic hand in holding the ship together. For their work, we are truly thankful.

Enjoy having your children back home!      

Schöne Grüße aus dem Zillertal!   

Chad Felt

Fun in the Sun, post-skiing
We were not kidding about the blow-dryer toast in the last update!
Fun with Frau Kimmens
Skiing through Saharan sand!
The team! Good-bye Hochfügen!
Sergeant-at Arms prepare for Mr. Lang’s release from Boot Room Imprisonment
The Macarena
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