Dear parents,
We have our first confirmed case of a colleague (Entrance Class Erzieher) who tested positive for COVID-19. We have been in contact with the Gesundheitsamt and shared the information they requested about all those who may have been in contact with said colleague. The Gesundheitsamt might contact those colleagues and parents for further information or questions.
The last time, this colleague was on campus was last Tuesday (March 3) and he just tested positive today.
We are awaiting further instructions from the Gesundheitsamt which we are hoping to receive by this evening. At this point, school is in session as usual tomorrow (Thursday, March 12) until we get clarity or other instructions from the Gesundheitsamt. Please remember that the administration cannot make the decision to close the school. 
With that said, should your child feel unwell, of course, keep them home. Additionally, you may choose to keep your child at home as a precautionary measure until we receive explicit instructions from the health authorities. 
Please be mindful that we will not be able to answer individual emails or phone calls as we are keeping the lines free for the authorities to contact us. 
Our crisis team is scheduled to meet first thing tomorrow morning. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more.
– JFKS Administration
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