Ski Trip Update #2

Report from Zillertal Thursday, 12.3.20

While the rest of the world is confronted with questions concerning bold new headlines,  canceled flights, and postponed conferences, your children have been challenged with issues and decision-making of their own: hiking or shopping? Gerstl Suppe oder chili? And the most dreaded question of all:  Will we pass our first room inspection?

Under brilliant azure skies and warm temps, the students enjoyed their first ski-free day on Thursday. That means our kids had a relaxing day of sampling Kaiserschmarr’n, replenishing their throat lozenges and hand sanitizer supplies, and enjoying the company of friends in the fresh alpine air, marred only by the freshly sprayed manure of local farmers.

Upon returning to our hotel, the kids had many options for voluntary activities including a workout and jog with Mr. Mandell and a chess tournament under the supervision of Herr Gassner. Some enjoyed a football toss or soccer outside, but eventually most were occupied with preparing for the Faculty Room Inspector team sweep of Mr. Lang, Ms. Love and Mr. Felt. Under a rigorous standard emphasizing cleanliness, orderliness and atmosphere, rooms were judged and scored until our Best Three were determined (is your child in Room 212/312, 203 and 112?), with additional honorable mention accolades offered as well. We won’t mention the disasters by room number, but there is certainly room for improvement in a few cases.

The kids were in good spirits at this evening’s class 8a activity of “Jeopardy,” another triumph after the previous night’s “best dance party in years,” according to a veteran ski staff member. Your kids continue to make improvements in table manners and general cooperation, and, coupled with much success in the first round of ski instruction, has made this excursion a successful one to date, despite the extraordinary circumstances of the world around us.                                                                                       

-Chad Felt

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