Ski Trip Update #1

Bright skies provided a dry autobahn ride that carried 130 excited students toward their Austrian destiny with one odd quirk: a crack at academia. Based on a challenge delivered from Bus 2 and Mr. Lang, both buses battled in poetic counter play at the second rest stop – atop picnic benches and surrounded by poetry fans and supporters. After a decisive round one victory for Bus 1, the third rest stop action turned to the McDonald’s playground and, much akin to the rumble in West Side Story, poetic jabs worthy of Shakespeare shaped this literary rivalry. We reveled in the creative efforts of your children and the challenge contributed to the camaraderie of the trip on the whole.

Once students hit the slopes on Monday, a rather challenging day was had by all.  Advanced skiers had to climb up a respectable slope and ski down to demonstrate their skills, to be placed in the correct ability level skiing group.  Meanwhile, beginning skiers had to learn to carry, walk in, and turn these awkward, heavy boards suddenly strapped to their feet.  Most students ate well, and then slept well, after this active first day, particularly after the many options provided by 8F for their game night.  Stay tuned for more challenges and accomplishments ahead!

Chad Felt & Chris Weiss

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