SKI TRIP 2024: Update #2

The weather gods have smiled upon us – both for our free-ski day and the last several days of skiing. Since we concluded our first round of skiing, the kids have enjoyed several more Activity Nights, a dance party and a very busy free-ski day consisting of a shopping trip to Fügen (in record-making time for our speedwalkers – are you shocked?), a hike up into the mountains with Mr. Weiss and a soccer tournament organized for 40 players by Mr. Lang and Hr. Fabig. 

To be honest, there was very little actual free time on free-ski day because the preparation for the first room inspection became a top priority for most rooms. We’re not just talking about clothes picked up off of the floor and garbage thrown away. Oh no. The room inspection has become a combination of hyper-cleaning (do NOT expect this at home), organizational mastery down to the last perfectly shelved helmet/goggles and presentations or performances to create the perfect ambiance for the visiting inspectors. We were welcomed with artistry, song & dance, flowers, food, poetry and, perhaps my favorite, a Zen Chamber of Meditation. Before the inspection team’s arrival, rooms were aromatized with a heavy fragrance of deodorant (the boys) or incense (the girls). The less inventive rooms did little to hide the traditional tang typical of sweaty socks and overutilized long underwear that we get to enjoy each night we put the kids to bed (you know, when they don’t really go to bed).

The aforementioned “Perfection” theme from update one? Umm, not yet. Still some lessons to learn in their relationships/communication. Still some lessons in general decision-making. Still some lessons of slope etiquette to learn. But that’s why we’re here. And usually, they learn a great deal – and have fun doing it!

Speaking of slopes, the big excitement concerns the quick advancement of the beginners, many of whom are no longer beginners! Most of the new skiers have been up the gondola to the top of the mountain and have successfully negotiated (more or less) the slopes all the way back down to our starting point. Their grins and newfound pride are a wonderful site to behold. 

As I wrap up, I look out on the terrace where the kids are holding their current dance party. Not sure I would call it dance, at least not universally, but the bodies are moving and grooving, small groups are cracking up with laughter around the dance floor, and hints of adoration float just above the heads (or hearts) of the dancers. Or maybe they are simply high from the delicious Apfelstrudel tonight. Whatever it is, smiles abound.


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