Garden Day – Oct. 26

On Saturday Oct. 26th  from 10am to 2pm, the parent council has organized  Garden Day to help with the school grounds and get some fresh air and Bicycle Registration with the Berlin Police

Please stop by for one or both of these activities!


(Fahrrad Registrierung mit Berliner Polizei

We are grateful our Berliner Polizei Präventionsbeauftragte will be on campus Saturday to register bicycles. Please take advantage of this service which many parents have requested! Bicycles are registered in an official database which helps to track stolen bicycles. Owners are obligated to update the database with the police if they sell their bicycles. The police therefore recommend only registering bicycles which will be owned for an extended period of time (i.e. adult or high school students’ bicycles). Remember to bring an ID, proof of purchase if available, Vollmacht (power of attorney) if underage, and your bicycle. We highly recommend you stop by Saturday with your bicycle as a further deterrent to bicycle theft! 

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