Elementary School Administration: Parent information about Eclipse on March 20

Dear Parents in the Elementary School,

This is a reminder that there will be early dismissal for students in entrance class – grade 6, this Friday, 20 March, at 10:35 hrs.

When planning this professional development workshop for the teachers, the administration was not aware that exactly at dismissal time, an eclipse of the sun would be taking place.

While this is a fascinating natural phenomenon to observe, it can also be dangerous to children’s developing eyes, especially when the children look directly into the sun.

The administration has come up with the following plan to cope with the eclipse and prevent students from looking directly at the sun:

  1. For children with eye problems already, parents are welcome to keep their children at home on 20 March, and the absence will be considered “excused”.
  1. If the weather is already cloudy and the sun is nowhere in sight, early dismissal will go as planned, students will be sent home on the buses and the children will go to Hort. The little recess at 9:40 – 9:50 for grades 1 and 2 will take place as usual.
  1. If the weather is clear, there will be no little recess for grades 1 and 2, and all students, grades Ec – 6, will be kept indoors, even past 10:35 if necessary.

Dismissal, departure of the busses, and the transfer to the Hort will be postponed until the administration thinks the situation is safe for the children to go outdoors. The children will be kept in their classrooms and supervised.

Thank you for your understanding of this unusual situation.


Reinhard Roth                                                                                     Steven Pothen

Geschäftsführender Schulleiter                                                    American Principal


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