8th Grade Ski Trip – Buses will arrive today at about 5:30 p.m. at school

Bruck am Ziller, Austria (8-20 March)

16 March 2015 Ski Trip Update:

7:45 Alarm Clock Applause

Each night before sleeping, Ms. Lyon asks her students what their “high” and “low” of the day was.  The most consistent response she has heard this year is, “I love skiing.”  Many other teachers have heard a similar echo.  The favorable weather conditions of sunshine and good snow have enabled significant improvement in student skiing.  Among other highs, Ms. Lyon’s students have spoken of their enjoyment of the evening entertainment such as the show by singer-songwriter Mr. Weiss, a talent show, cat walk, and two dances—both opportunities for up-and-coming deejays a chance to try their new beats.  Perhaps most importantly, the students are meeting new people, forging deeper friendships, creating a better class community for their JFKS future, and learning some of the responsibilities that independence from parental oversight demands.

Nevertheless, no day with 125 students goes without a “low.”  There have been some unwanted injuries and sickness that each ski groups of this size have unfortunately experienced over the last 30 years.  There is too the low of sleeping in the same room with a friend’s fragrant socks: a rancor that is only partially forgotten by the pungent perfume of the freshly fertilized fields surrounding the guesthouse. And there too is the ever taxing daily social schedule and physical challenges.  Each morning and night after the meal, there are a series of announcements regarding the schedule and any newsworthy affairs.  Although the average 8th grader would rather hibernate like a bear through the winter, or at least not rise until the bright sun has long ago tried to cajole them to get out of bed, the entire group erupted in applause when they discovered that for their second ski-free-day they would be allowed to sleep until 7:45 in the morning.  The extra 45 minutes of sleep was almost too good to be true.

In short, there have highs, and there have been lows.  And, in short, we teachers believe that these memorable experiences will help foster a closer community to help this 8th grade class better meet the academic and adolescent challenges that await their future at JFKS and beyond.

Here is the report from Thursday night.  After three lovely days of skiing, most of the beginning students are already using the lifts and the advanced students are learning new skills and becoming better skiers.  
Today´s ski-free day provided several non-skiing events, in order to give all of our skiing muscles a little break.  Many students went swimming, some went on a nature hike up to a gorgeous mountain lookout, and other students went into the village of Fügen to shop.  In the afternoon some boys and girls got to do a special activity offered by the Wintersteller host family–making homemade body creams from beeswax, lavender, Johanniskraut, and olive oil.  Students even got to take some home.
making Body Lotion

making Body Lotion

Tomorrow we ski again, with each teacher taking a new skiing group.  We feel  that by changing instructors, students have the opportunity to learn new skills from a different teacher.  Therefore, on to new adventures tomorrow!

Report from Tuesday evening:
We have enjoyed two beautiful days of skiing with lots of sunshine and good snow conditions.  
Many students who started as beginners used the lift for the first time today.   
8a and 8b have provided two fun filled evenings of entertainment.  
We were treated to Kaiserschmarrn, an Austria dessert, this evening.  
Everyone is healthy and we have had only one injury.

JFKS 8th Grade Ski Trip 2015

JFKS 8th Grade Ski Trip 2015

JFKS 8th Grade Ski Trip 2015

JFKS 8th Grade Ski Trip 2015

On Sunday (March 8th) morning our 8th graders together with their teachers left Berlin for the ski trip to Austria.
At 5 p.m. the buses arrived in Bruck (SMS from 17:36). Everything is fine.

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