2023 Ski Trip – Update #2

Midway through the trip, we are pleased to see so many students improving their skiing and enjoying time with friends. Besides the many teachers and administrators who have come on the trip, we are very thankful to have three former JFKS students volunteer their time to join us: their professional ski and medical expertise make this trip so much better for the 130 students. 

Please see the list below are some of the students’ observations about the ski trip. They were collected Saturday morning during breakfast.  

Mr. Lang


Student Observations

The walk to swim was super long. The mountains are beautiful. – Giselle

They are weird couple dynamics. ­– Benjamin

Tissues are not an effective weapon to throw at my roommates. – Nicolas

It smells like cow poop. – Declan

There is no clock in the room. – Constantine

We need more sleep and coffee. We are sleep deprived. – Susannah & Kayla

We like our room teacher, “Old Great Felty Boy”. – Clemens

Like, we know how the cleaning [room] critics were joking, but it hurt our egos. – Julian & Hamilton

I do 100 push-ups every morning – Sebastian

One of the staff members or guest house owners smokes. – Adam

Playing Werewolf is fun. – Frida

The Nutella tastes good.  – Anselm & Yevheniya

Icy and slushy snow was terrible on Friday. – Iona & Mia

It was really fun to ski from the top to the bottom of the mountain [for the first time]. – Ava

I almost had a heart attack on the slopes because I was afraid of falling.  I crashed straight into Hr. Nagel. – Jordan

We started a fight club. – James

I liked skiing the hill for the first time rather than walking to lunch. – Sienna

The bathroom door scares me and keeps crashing on my fingers. – Violet

One person in our room gives us a kiss good night. – Jack

Don’t go down the wrong slope or the rest of the group will have to wait two hours. – Calvin

The weather reports have been inaccurate. – Miguel

The ski-boot-room STINKS. – Myllah

The water tastes good. – Melissa

The view from the balcony is beautiful. – Jordis.

I think my shoulder is discombobulated. – Pepper

The snow at the top is awesome (perfect powder) – Leopold

I like the design of the guesthouse with its flowers and a lot of natural wood. –Jewel

The beds are hard. – Ella

I’m laughing a lot with my friends. – Nina

The ski trip is fun. – Jacob


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