2023 Ski Trip – Update #1

What would a Ski Trip be without… a spirited poetry slam before even reaching the slopes??!! In a tradition dating back several years now, students on buses one and two have gone head-to-head – with increasing literary dexterity – at our rest stops en route to Zillertal. In what could be considered a sensational upset (not to mention a devastating throwdown of an English teacher: no names will be mentioned, but if you do your HW you’ll learn just how many English teachers are ski team members), Mr. Lang’s bus two swayed the judges with their impressive performance. Naturally trash-talking ensued, nearly all above-board, and rumors of a rematch on the return buses remain constant.

We arrived ahead of schedule and soon the excitement of new rooms, fun roommates and the stunning alpine scenery provided reason for exhilaration. A three-course dinner was served soon thereafter, with the teachers’ dreaded anticipation of the jet engine roar of 135 8th grade voices in the dining room. We were not disappointed. HOWEVER… this particular ski team member was delighted to be seated with students graciously serving other students, patiently waiting for their food before inviting the table to hold hands for “Piep-Piep-Piep, wir hab’n uns alle lieb, guten Appetit!” Classic. We’ll see if they can maintain that…

We were especially proud of the patience of our students in several ways on our “opening day.” It is not fun to stand in the long line at the ski rental place, finding that “perfect fit” of a ski boot and the right size skis. Nevertheless, the process was the smoothest in many years with our digital registration and all were pleased to hear Herr Mueller report at dinner that the ski rental place had praised our students for their cooperation and good behavior – what a tribute! 

But skiing! Skiing is the Hauptsache, and the early reports are very good. Skilled skiers on the one hand, ambitious beginners on the other, the latter for which something needs to be said. While polished skiers have enjoyed exploring the various challenges of Hochfuegen, newbies experience an entire range of emotions including fear, (those mountains are SO high!) pain, (why do the boots hurt so much?!) frustration, (I can’t get up – I hate this!), etc. which is why it is so rewarding when Hr. Mueller announces “we have a new large group of students who used their first lift today and are no longer ski beginners,” followed by huge applause. Their grit was worth it, and the reward is when the complaints turn into “This is so awesome! Can we go down one more time?!”  

In the meantime, your children have entertained themselves with card games, chess matches, table tennis (using their phones as paddles), karaoke and tonight’s current activity of “Werewolf.” They quiz each other and solve riddles on the bus rides, talk about topics from the Latin language or the pronunciation of Yosemite, discuss movies that make them cry and ask questions regarding Mr. Mandell’s life story. Not a bad day.           

Mr. Felt  

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