18.11. BERMUN and JFKS Community Event with Dr. Yascha Mounk, Author and Political Scientist – Livestream

Make a note of three exciting BERMUN events happening this Wednesday, November 18. Support our students who have worked hard on making these events possible amid Covid-19, lockdowns and many restrictions.

Join us virtually for the 29th BERMUN Opening Ceremony, hosted by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES). Keynote Speaker: Author & Political Scientist Yascha Mounk (13:00-15:00) – This year’s speaker will be Author and Professor Dr. Yascha Mounk, an influential German-American author and Associate Professor of Practice at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Mounk will speak virtually on our conference theme: Solidarity amid Contagious Globalization & Fragmentation. Among many other books, articles, and a weekly podcast, “The Good Fight”, he has written a book about his experiences growing up Jewish in Germany – Stranger in My Own Country. The event, broadcast over the FES website, will be led by the JFKS Secretariat and showcase student speeches and the BERMUN Press video.
Anti-Racism JFKS Community Event (15:00-16:00) – Via a Vimeo livestream on the FES website, Yascha Mounk will then speak directly to the JFKS community on the theme: Anti-racism for the bicultural JFKS Community. Dr. Mounk will share his thoughts regarding the ways forward for our community drawing from his experiences of growing up Jewish in Germany and later living in the USA. This event will be moderated by the JFKS Student Council Presidents.
Youth Assembly Opening Ceremony (16:25-17:30) – After opening remarks from Petter Ølberg, Norwegian Ambassador to Germany, this year’s keynote speaker for the Opening Ceremony of the Youth Assembly, Ane Djuve Galaasen, First Secretary at the Norwegian Embassy in Berlin will address the YA participants on the topic of Norway’s Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals – How to Implement Sustainability at the Local Level. 
You can view any or all of these events by joining a Vimeo livestream on the following Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) website. The link will also be available at www.bermun.de.


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