Parent Participation

Be part of your child’s education and get involved!

In your child’s class:

  • Attend Parent Evenings
    Take part in the Parent Evenings scheduled 2-3 times during the school year. All classes have a meeting the beginning of the school year to meet the teachers and discuss the curriculum and other important information concerning the individual class and grade level. There might be up to two more meetings per year, if necessary.
  • Attend Parent-Teacher Conferences
    Parent Teacher Conferences are held twice a year at JFKS, additional meetings can be scheduled with individual teachers if a student is having problems.
  • Volunteer in the classroom
    Teachers may ask parents to help with class projects or reading groups, organize parties or accompany field trips. It will be a great experience for you to see for yourself what is going on in the classroom and your child will love to have you there. Join in the fun!
  • Get to know the other parents
    Create Community! Get to know the other parents in the class and the wider JFKS community through parent potlucks, school events and volunteering at school.

In the JFKS community:

  • Become a Parent Representative or Alternate for your class:
    Each class is represented by two parent representatives (one German, one American) and two alternates in the JFKS Parent Council.
  • Volunteer your time for school events, fund raisers and other hands on projects:
    Help at Fun Day, Spooktacular, Art Show, Fun Run, Flea Market, etc. and set a good example for our students making volunteering and community service part of your life.
  • Become a member of the JFKS Verein
  • Join the Parent Newsletter team



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The 2023-24 PC Board

German PCB:
Ulrich Grohé
Haley Scribner
Eric Stern
Louise von Schweinitz

American PCB:
Sandra Doca
Laura Martinez-Fonts
Courtney Metzler
Christine White

Upcoming PC meetings at 19:00 on:
Mon. 4 Dec. 2023
Tue. 13 Feb. 2024
Tue. 9 Apr. 2024
Tue. 28 May 2024
(TBD which will be in person or online.)