Parent Evenings 2017-2018 – Update!!

Please note the dates for the first parent evenings of school year 2017-18 – there have been a few changes, please double-check. This is the final version!

Entrance Class Parent Information Evening

Thursday, 24 Aug., 19:00 Large Aula

Parent Evenings

Tuesday, 5 Sept.,       Grades 5+6,  19:00 Large Aula, later: classrooms 

Thursday, 07 Sept.,  Grades 3+4, 3rd grade: classrooms / 4th grade: 19:00 Large Aula

Monday, 11 Sept.,     Grades 1+2, 19:00 classrooms

Tuesday, 12 Sept.,    Grades 9+10,  19:00 Large Aula for introduction, 19:20: classrooms

Thursday, 14 Sept.,  Entrance Class, 19:00 classrooms

                                   Grades 7 + 8, 19:00 Large Aula for introduction, 19:20: classrooms

                                   Grades 11 + 12, 19:30 Large Aula for Parent Rep. elections

Note: 7th and 8th grade parents will leave the Large Aula by 19.15h, 11th and 12th grade parents are asked to enter the Aula AFTER 19.20h 

The first PARENT COUNCIL MEETING for all elected Parent Representatives is scheduled for Tuesday, 26 September, at 19:00 in the large Aula.

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