Berlin Basket Ball Finals “Jugend trainiert für Olympia”

Berlin Basketball Finals „Jugend trainiert für Olympia“ Girls WK III

A big thank you goes out to the talented ladies of JFKS basketball who did a fantastic job representing our school last week at the Berlin Championships. They earned a well-deserved silver medal, making the coaching team very proud.

Against a clearly more experienced team, the players fought until the very end, putting up a great performance on both the offensive and defensive ends and collectively excelled, stepping out of their comfort zones and playing better than ever before.

Players: Kameric, A., Hein, I., Knese, H., Josse, M., FitzPatrick, L., Gwodzik, M., Weyprachtitzky, A.

Coaches: Coach Nagel (head coach), Graef, J. (assistant coach)

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