The JFKS Parent Council

The Parent Council (PC)
The JFKS Parent Council is formed by all elected Parent Representatives of the school and serves to facilitate optimal lines of communication between parents, the administration and teachers. It discusses relevant school issues and works towards constructive solutions of any problems that may arise.

Four parent representatives (one US main/one alternate, one German main / one alternate) are elected from each homeroom class and have the responsibility to gather information and inform the other parents about important issues regarding both the homeroom class in particular and the school in general.

Generally seven PC meetings are held during the school year with occasional guest speakers, in addition to conducting a standard agenda. The PC elects representatives who participate in the Educational Directorate (ED), School Conference (SK) as well as the District Parent Council (BEA), ES and HS Faculty meetings, Subject and Grade level conferences.

Student Council representatives, one teacher representing the elementary school and one teacher representing the High School also participate in the PC meetings as well as two school principals from the elementary and the high school respectively.

The minutes of the PC meetings are published in the Parent Newsletter in English and German.

The Parent Council Board (PCB)
At its first general meeting of the school year the Parent Council elects its Board consisting of one German and one US Chairperson, as well as three US and three German Board members.

The board is responsible for organizing the general Parent Council meetings, setting the agenda, sending out the invitations and writing the minutes. The PC Board also calls regular meetings (“Town Hall meetings”) of all parent representatives on the different boards within the school and the district in order to facilitate communication and discuss important issues and developments.

Some of the events supported or organized by the Parent Council Board and the Parent Council include the Orientation Day for new families, the ES Art Show, the JFKS Flea Market and the Spooktacular.


The 2018-19 PC Board

American Board Members
Bethany Vaughn (co-chair)
Nancy Voke (co-chair)
Michelle Livadiotis
Gretchen Vogel
Luisa Weiss

German Board Members
Katharina Geschner (co-chair)
Juliane Hapke (co-chair)
Kira Melzer