8th Grade Ski Trip

Every year in March our 8th graders travel to Austria for the annual 8th grade ski trip.

ski trip

Dear 8th grade students, dear parents,

You should have received preliminary information about the ski trip already in 7th grade. More information follows throughout 8th grade, including sign up sheet, packing list, breakdown of fees, bank information and deadlines.

Each year, approximately 130+ students and 14 teachers will spend almost two weeks in the ski area Hochfügen in Zillertal/Austria. We depart by bus from JFKS early on Sunday morning and will return to JFKS as well. Our arrival time will be posted on the JFKS website.

During the time of the trip, short reports will be posted on the website as well to give you a glimpse of what the students are experiencing.  

This trip is a fantastic opportunity and we encourage all 8th graders to participate. Should you have any questions, please contact Hr. Müller.

We look forward to another successful trip!

The Ski Trip Team

SKI TRIP 2021 – March 7-19, 2021

Below are copies of the documents that have been sent home:

September Erste Informationen   –  First Information
October BedingungenConditions
Anmeldung – Registration
Hinweis Zuverlässigkeit/Responsibility
Erklärung GesundheitHealth Declaration
Packing List
Einladung zum Elternabend – Invitation to Parent Evening
Hygiene Plan DeutschHygiene Plan English
February Letzte Informationen – Last Information
Details regarding arrival times of the group will be posted on the website.

The JFKS Sports Department

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Hr. Müller

Elementary School
Mr. Calhoun

Fr. Kaiser

Gym S109
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