Test and Klausur Schedules

School Year 2022/23: 

Test Schedule Grade 07updated 13.09.2022

Test Schedule Grade 08updated 13.09.2022

Test Schedule Grade 09updated 13.09.2022

Test Schedule Grade 10updated 13.09.2022

Klausur Schedule Grades 11-12updated 06.11.2022

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In 7th and 8th grade “Bi-5”, “Ch-5”, and “Ph-5” are offered as project classes for students to improve their German language proficiency.

In 8th – 10th grade “Electives” are shown on the test schedule. Electives may be 8th grade onward language courses, US-Drama, Art, Science Lab, and from 9th grade onward Political Science, Math-Physics, Biology-Chemistry.

In 9th – 10th “SC” (Science) is offered within the High School Diploma program; this course is offered as an alternative to the German separation of natural science classes.

AP Sem – AP Seminar
AP Prep – AP Prep
Bi – Biology
Ch – Chemistry
CP – Computer Programming
D – Deutsch/German
E – English
Ek – Erdkunde/Geography
Es – Spanish
Et – Ethics
F – French
M – Math
Mu – Music
Ph – Physics
SO – Social Studies