10th Grade Open Campus

Unfortunately, due to current Covid-related hygiene measures, 10th graders are not allowed to leave the campus during lunch. The administration will review this decision throughout the school year.

JFKS tenth graders who do not have instruction and who are in possession of a completed JFKS permission slip will have the privilege of leaving campus during period six (lunch) and the twenty minute break (13:05 – 13:25) .

The parental and student agreement must be completed, signed by the student’s homeroom teacher and must be in the student’s possession when leaving campus.

Please click here for a pdf of the agreement: Open Campus Permission Slip

In the unfortunate event of misconduct, either on or off campus, the student may receive a misconduct report, a class conference, and the loss of this privilege.

Students may use either the German or English version as a ½ sheet.

We trust our students and expect they will responsibly use and enjoy this privilege.